Life As We Know It

We made it to 6 months!  That’s half of a year that we have managed to keep our babies alive and well.  As for Baby Daddy and I, we are also alive and mostly well (I say “mostly well” because as I write this I am Continue Reading →

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Nanny Information For Busy Families

This morning our alarm went off at 5:45am so my husband and I could get up to do CrossFit at the gym for 6:15am.

By 7:30am we came home to a fresh smoothie, our bed made, and our pajamas neatly folded on our pillow.

The best part was, our daughter Marla was still sleeping.

As I finished my smoothie, Marla woke up, came out of her room and sleepily said “Mommy, cereal please.  Tiger one.” (Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes if you haven’t already guessed).

Then as a family, we ate breakfast together.

Curious how we were able to do this?

You’re not alone and over the past month I’ve fielded LOTS of questions from friends, colleagues and even complete strangers about the change they’ve seen in our lives.  So I’m going to finally spill the beans.  I’m going to give you the details on our “secret weapon” that instantly transformed the lives of everyone in our family.

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Onward Through The Fog

About 5 years ago, I was in Newfoundland with a friend of mine; the fog was so bad that we could only see about 2 feet ahead of us while driving for almost the entire trip.  We each bought a shirt that read Continue Reading →

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Tantrum City

“You take her.  I’m going for a walk.  And by the way… I really don’t want any more kids.”

I couldn’t take it anymore and had to get out and most importantly, get away from my child.

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Breastfeeding Blues

Brace yourself, I am about to go on a bit of a tangent.  Recently, I was visiting with a friend and we were talking about the trials and tribulations of breastfeeding.  I was telling her about my current struggles Continue Reading →

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What Would You Do?

Moms, What would you do?

So my question revolves around daycare and I would love to get your opinion.

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Things I Learned From My Dog

Before I became a mother to my wonderful little girls, I was a mega proud “Mom” to a perfect little lady I called ‘Morgan’.  Morgan was a Shetland Sheepdog Continue Reading →

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A New Kind of Success

When the girls were about 2 weeks old, I went grocery shopping and bought a bag of chocolate chips.  I’m a new “stay at home mom” and I intended on making chocolate chip cookies.  I had this vision of the perfect Continue Reading →

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Choosing a Daycare Isn’t Easy

Our daughter has been going to a wonderful home day care for the past nine months.  Betty (the day care provider) has years of experience with children, she’s caring, kind, patient and has a huge back yard with a slide, swing, sand pit and more.

Every day Marla comes home with paintings, pictures, sorting activities and crafts. There are days, she doesn’t want to get in the car to come home :)

It gives me a great sense of peace knowing she is being taken care of.

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Open Invitation

That’s right!  You are all invited to my place, any day you like, starting around 5pm.  And by the way, bring reinforcements!  I’m talking the Police, the Army, Continue Reading →

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